An award-winning global sponsorship marketplace creating data-driven, commercially relevant partnerships between Brands, Rights Holders and Agencies.

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  • Data-driven, commercially relevant sponsorship suggestions
  • A time efficient solution to finding the most commercially relevant partnerships
  • Detailed filtering system
  • In-depth, real-time data insight

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  • The largest network of Brands in one central place
  • A data-driven, targeted approach to find your most relevant commercial partner
  • Brands already in the buying cycle
  • In-depth consumer behaviour data on your fanbase

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  • Relevant, data-driven sponsorship suggestions for your clients
  • A time efficient search function to find relevant proposals for your clients
  • In-depth, real-time data solutions
  • You remain 100% in control

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Connexi is a global sponsorship marketplace that's mission is to make it easier for Brands and Rights Holders to find and engage with one another on a local, national and global scale. Connexi does not only save you time when sourcing partnerships - because we use real-time data and in-depth insights our algorithms ensure that only commercially relevant partnerships are formed. We provide a wide range of search options, from audience demographics through to budget, plus many more. It really is a win-win for all parties involved!!

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"Connexi has saved us time by quickly finding and connecting us with quality and relevant proposals. Whether we’re planning or actively in market for sponsorships and partnerships, this is a great resource to have available."

Gerry Murray

Director of Brand and Acquisition

"We have built up an excellent working relationship with Connexi over the last few months, and Rory and his team have been a pleasure to work with. They have opened so many doors for us since we struck up the partnership, with Wigan Warriors being the most recent example of an introduction to us through Connexi which resulted in a deal which is mutually beneficial for all parties"

Kirstie Wallace

Corporate Relationship Manager for Utility Alliance Ltd

"Connexi provides us with the opportunity to engage in qualified discussions with brands, where as an active member within their innovative marketplace, where have benefited greatly from their data driven approach. Our relationship with Connexi presents an engaged environment which produces both mutually beneficial, and commercially relevant, discussions."

Dan Burton

Commercial Director